We specialize in online image compression to 20kb dimensions.

60% Compression

Image Compressor to 20KB

  1. We specialize in providing efficient online image compression services tailored to meet the stringent requirements of reducing image sizes to 20KB while maintaining quality.
  2. Experience hassle-free image compression by simply clicking on the "Upload Image" button to initiate the uploading process.
  3. Our advanced compression algorithms seamlessly convert PNG format images to JPG format, ensuring optimal file size reduction without compromising image quality. Upon conversion, you will be provided with a download link for the compressed JPG image.
  4. To obtain your compressed image, simply click on "Download Image in JPG" and retrieve your converted image, ready for use, all at no cost to you.

How to Convert PNG to JPG for Free?

Converting PNG images to JPG format is easy and free. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Upload your PNG image: Select the PNG format image you wish to convert to JPG.
  2. Start the Upload: Click on the "Upload Image" button to begin uploading your selected image.
  3. Automatic Conversion: Once uploaded, our tool will automatically convert the PNG image to JPG format.
  4. Download the Converted Image: After conversion, a download link for the JPG format image will be provided.
  5. Download the JPG Image: Simply click on "Download Image in JPG" to get your converted image for free.

Enjoy hassle-free conversion from PNG to JPG with our user-friendly tool.

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